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Welcome to Wesley's Chapel Raithby by Spilsby- PE23 4DS

Raithby is a class of Spilsby Methodist Church.

There are only occasional services.  For other churches in the area see the current worship plan

The Annual Wesley Day Service is held on the 24th May at 7pm

The Annual Brackenbury Memorial Lecture is held on the second Saturday in July at 3pm.

The lecture is organized by ‘Lincolnshire Methodist History Society’;

‘Society for Lincolnshire History and Archaeology’ and ‘The Tennyson Society’ who each in turn provide a speaker.

The lecture is followed by tea.

Wesley’s Chapel, Raithby is a Grade I listed building and as such is of historical importance. It was built in 1779 by the squire of Raithby, Robert Carr Brackenbury (1752-1818) above the stables of the country house which he built at the same time.

The chapel was opened by John Wesley, a great friend of Brackenbury, on 5th July 1779.

The chapel has changed very little.

Raithby Chapel 2.jpg

John Wesley said about 'this place'

We went to Raithby: an earthly paradise!
How gladly would I rest here a few days; but it is not my place! I am to be a wanderer upon earth. Only let me find rest in a better world!

At six I preached in the church to such a congregation as I never saw here before; but I do not wonder if all the country should flock in thither, to a palace in the midst of paradise.

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Wesley's Chapel Raithby Rededication Service was held on Sunday 9th September 2018

The Reverend Michaela Youngson, the President of the Methodist Conference led the service

Managing Raithby Chapel

A small management group are working to raise the profile of this special chapel – described as an ‘earthly paradise’ by John Wesley in 1788.

Thanks to everyone in the circuit for all they are doing in ensuring a future at Raithby.


For christenings, weddings and funerals contact:

Rev Gordon Davis
e-mail: Telephone: 01526 341582

The church is of special historic and rural importance.
Deacon Jane Paine is Chair of the Raithby Management Group

Our plans for 2024 will include an event around Easter time. 

We are also planning to holding the annual Wesley Day service at 3pm on Friday 24th May and the Brackenbury Lecture on Sat. 13th July at 3pm.

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